To unravel the mystery of the Water Board. Expedition to the Netherlands 

“A few days ago, we left Odessa early in the morning and embarked on a lengthy, uninterrupted 34-hour trip to Germany. After a short one-day rest at our place in Munich, the Expeditionary Corps resumed its journey. And after 10 hours, we arrived at our scientific base in Amsterdam”.


The expedition to the Netherlands has begun. Last night, a group of 6 people led by academician Oleg Maltsev arrived in Amsterdam as part of the expedition. It is the second expedition to the Netherlands and it presents an exceptionally challenging endeavor. In previous work there, it took a week for the team to formulate the task for the scientific research. The expeditionary group studied the way the Netherlands is organized, including its easily navigable canals that allow one to travel between different parts of the city in a mere 20 minutes. The country also has impressive cathedrals, some larger than Germany’s Frauenkirche, located in small towns. The infrastructure system operates seamlessly, akin to the precision of a clockwork mechanism. At the same time, the Netherlands stands out as one of the wealthiest and most non religious nations. So we have the question: who is behind the creation and control of the Netherlands’ smoothly functioning infrastructure and meticulously organized system? Indeed, the Netherlands can be likened to a vast Venice built upon water, implying that whoever controls the water controls the entire state. Through our observations, terrain analysis, and hypotheses, we have unraveled the mysterious organization of the Water Board in the Netherlands. The first expedition to the Netherlands provided compelling evidence that the Water Board holds the authority to control the comprehensive infrastructure of the country, with its establishment dating back to at least the 15th century, and possibly even earlier. The key to understanding the Netherlands lies in the organizational structure of the Water Board. 


Photo of the expedition to the Netherlands in 2021


Are you familiar with the term Water Board? Probably not. It’s likely because people with boundless power seldom feel the need to promote their names. According to academician Oleg Maltsev, the organization that has fascinated him most so far is one that has boldly created an artificial state in the heart of Europe. From this state emerged the King of England – William III of Orange, who infamously executed the King of England and took his place. Remarkably, this state not only managed to recoup its initial investment but also made extraordinary profits from what it transferred to other countries. It is worth mentioning the remarkable achievement of this state in significantly reducing crime within its borders. To date, it is the only nation where crime has almost completely disappeared. Basically, there are almost no criminals in the Netherlands, which leads to the closure of prisons. This extraordinary phenomenon calls for a responsible study, which is precisely the task that the Expeditionary Corps will undertake.

The Water Board, a secretive assembly of individuals, holds effective control over the governance of the Netherlands, with very limited information available about their identities and operations. It is remarkable that they have essentially shaped the entire global economy. The global economy, as we know it today, owes its origins to the East India Company and the West India Company. These historic entities laid the foundation and established the principles that continue to shape the global economy today! Its extraordinary approach to creating, managing and generating wealth can be realized within the business domain. The study conducted in the Netherlands focuses specifically on examining and understanding these methodologies. Water Board has a unique marketing policy. In the realm of economic policy, it is generally desirable for an organization to be widely recognized. In contrast, when it comes to financial terms, Water Board uses a reverse marketing approach, which can be described as follows: the less known an organization is, the greater its wealth tends to be. The historical example clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of this reverse marketing approach and highlights the importance of conducting thorough research. The task of the second expedition to the Netherlands is for the scientific team to delve into the mystery surrounding this powerful organization, and try to understand how it has not only existed for centuries but also managed its affairs flawlessly. The Expeditionary group is faced with a challenging task: to uncover the mechanisms of creating infrastructure, effectively managing it, and ultimately generating profit from its use.

Photo from the expedition to the Netherlands, 2023


“Throughout the world, numerous individuals have shown a deep interest in organizations such as the Mafia, ‘Ndrangheta, Camorra, and similar entities. In the field of criminology, many journalists have emerged, writing bestsellers that have inspired several television series and movies. But now we are dealing with a quiet and prosperous Netherlands. The atmosphere of the area fits well with the expression “money loves silence”. Although there is no Mafia presence, the enigmatic organization called Water Board operates there. What is it, where does it come from, and what is it responsible for? In the 21st century, how does such an organization manage to maintain its existence and influence discreetly? This is a matter of great intrigue, especially when we consider the management aspect. Essentially, they are masters of infrastructure control. It is important to understand the significant contrast between building a reliable infrastructure control system and a criminal organization. One can form a criminal organization tomorrow by gathering five people together and saying, “We are now a gang and we will start robbing banks tomorrow.” But to create a system in which banks are willing to transfer their own money to it and be happy to do so is a completely different matter, and it requires extraordinary skills and expertise.” – Academician Oleg Maltsev. 

Dr. Maltsev also shared his valuable insights, revealing that the foundation of the Water Board organization lies in the innovative “Acorn” technology. Little information is available about this technology, which is not unexpected given its secretive nature. However, it was used in the construction of the Palermo. What does it entail? Every visit to Palermo unveils something entirely novel, presenting sights that one has never encountered before. It seemed as if it had been hidden and then manifested, much like a reactant produces an image on photographic paper. One might assume that every nook and cranny has been thoroughly explored, yet remarkably, new structures, symbols, and statues continue to reveal themselves in extraordinary ways. There are countless amazing effects of this nature abound. The Expeditionary Corps is charged with the great responsibility of diligently investigating the “Acorn” technology and uncovering other underlying, effective technologies used by the Water Board. Because the entire infrastructure of the Netherlands is built and managed based on these very technologies.


Photo from the expedition to the Netherlands, 2023


Within the framework of this field study, an additional study is being carried out that concerns the biological aspect of the human being. Currently, intensive efforts are being made to carry out biological and motor tests. The experiment shows that a simple biological test is more effective than any psychological assessment. Before embarking on the expedition, Maltsev had already initiated a study when anthropology places biology at the forefront in relation to human memory and the psyche. This fascinating research sheds light on the darker areas of human control and influence. The results of the first phase of the study are discussed in more detail in the following article. 

In conclusion, it should be noted that the long-standing organization Water Board maintains a respectable office in the Netherlands, with closed doors to the general public. However, the expeditionary group led by Dr. Maltsev possesses the scientific “set of keys” that successfully unlocked numerous mysterious doors during previous expeditions. We eagerly await the research group to unravel the mysteries and power of the enigmatic Water Board. As for you, dear readers, you can follow the journey of the ongoing expedition through the Telegram channel of scientist Oleg Maltsev “Пером и шпагой” and on the pages of Expedition journal